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Restless Modern shares new single 'Chasing' and it's incredible

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There's a ton of great music out today and we're super excited to keep the good vibes going. This next one comes from the incredibly talented Restless Modern. Elevating a completely fresh and original sound (indie meets electronic music) Restless Modern shares 'Chasing', the second track off their upcoming EP set for release sometime this year. The new release is a quick follow up from the massive success of 'I'm Okay', which went to hit over 210,000 streams on Spotify. The track takes a dark and euphoric tone mixed with dark vocals and electronic elements that almost feel like ear candy. The track was written, produced, and performed by Restless Modern and goes to show there's an incredible amount of talent brewing from the artist. We can't wait to hear the upcoming EP but until that happens I guess we'll just have to keep this on repeat - enjoy!

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Robokid shares jaw-dropping debut EP 'Apart' - out now via Moving Castle

Electronic/EDM, Future Pop, Pop, Gem of the day, FeaturedGems Secrets

Kicking off 2018 in a huge way, producer-DJ-remixer and now singer/songwriter, Robokid, released their jaw-dropping debut EP, 'Apart' today and it's absolutely incredible. Working with close friends and producers such as Brenton Duvall, Mike Derenzo of EXES, and AObeats, Robokid's EP is a groundbreaking step for the artist and further solidifies the artist's creative vision and pioneer-like leadership in bringing something completely refreshing and exciting to the table. Robokid shares that the debut project is a reflection and story of self-worth, love, and awareness. Everything from the indie like vocal style, to the polished and bright production - 'Apart' is a timeless gem that stems from a genuine and heartfelt place - and that's where the magic really lies with Robokid's EP. This is only the beginning and it's off to a great start. Enjoy!

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Brand new heat from ANGELZ x D'AFRICAN - 'Never Enuff'

Bass, HouseGems Secrets

Ready for something a little different? ANGELZ (one of our favorite house producers that we've covered on the site) released a new song with D'AFRICAN this morning. It's a switch up then what we've covered from the artist in the past but the track is incredible. Everything from the vocal style to the sound design is not only unique but it's incredibly refreshing. We can't help but feel like the track places us in a dark club with red flashing lights everywhere, the dance floor is packed - mayhem is breaking loose, but all you can focus on is the floor shaking from the thumping bass as 'Never Enuff' blasts through the speakers. This track will take you on a wild ride beyond your wildest dreams so turn the volume all the way up and enjoy.

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Coexist Music Group releases inspirational single "I Know What I Want"

Hip Hop/R&B, InspirationalSean Tooley

Fresh from the east coast comes a hot new single from Coexist Music Group, a collective of artists from the DC area. The group, describing their sound as "modern retro", continues to build out their brand with their newest track "I Know What I Want". The inspirational hook draws in the listener from the get-go, while the verses tell a tale of hard work and aspiration. With bars on top of bars and melodic auto-tuned flows over a chill beat, it's a challenge not to bob your head. You'll want to keep up with Coexist as they gear up for a very dynamic 2018, so be sure to follow them on all their social media:

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This new tune from Paige is a must hear 🙏

Electronic/EDM, HouseTricker

This latest release from Paige has us leaving replay button on. Out now on Armada Music, 'Everywhere' is both uplifting and danceable. With smooth vocals from Jojee and crisp, dynamic production from Paige, this record carries a soulful vibe that crosses over the best aspects of emotive pop vocals into an anthemic dancefloor-ready record. Paige is a regular on both Spinnin' Records and Armin Van Buuren's Armada Music imprint, two of the most respected dance labels on the planet, and when he is putting out records like 'Everywhere' it is clear why. 

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Meg DeLacy shares incredible new R&B joint 'Bruises'

Hip Hop/R&B, SoulGems Secrets

This next song is something really special. The multi-talented singer/actor Meg DeLacy just released their new song 'Bruises' and it's jaw-dropping amazing. Everything from the smooth and vibrant production to Meg DeLacy rich and soulful voice - Meg takes the listener on a colorful ride painting pictures of purple melodic tones, gently singing over a warm and vintage sounding bassline. The track is absolutely amazing and we can't wait for you to check it out for yourself. If you like the song share it with your friends and stay give Meg a follow to stay up to date on any future releases this year. Enjoy!

We love this new release from OLSO ✨

Electronic/EDM, Gem of the day, Featured, Future Bass, Future Pop, Pop, BassGems Secrets

17-year-old OLSO is kicking off 2018 with their debut track 'Cold'. OLSO recorded everything from the vocals, to the production, and even handled the mixing of the final product - let's just say we were impressed, very impressed. OLSO's style is infectiously catchy and vibrant. This is going to be big and we know it. We love the sound he's bringing to the table and it goes without question there's some serious talent brewing from the artist. If you like the song, share it with your friends and don't forget to stay connected with OLSO online enjoy!

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K-TRAP breaks into 2018 with new single "Watching"

Hip Hop/R&B, GrimeSean Tooley

South London rapper K-TRAP just dropped his first single of the year, and you don't wanna miss this. Complete with a video on prominent YouTube channel GRM daily, K-TRAP's aggressive flow rides perfectly over the beat's tough 808s and dark piano melodies. The song features a catchy hook and hard-hitting punchlines throughout every verse, not to mention the ad-libs that add yet another interesting layer to the track. With a video full of models, cash, and nice cars, it definitely stands to stack many more views onto the 300,000 it has accumulated in the first few days online. K-TRAP has demonstrated with "WATCHING" that he is certainly one to watch in 2018.


NGHTMRE & Dillon Francis drop new visual for 'Another Dimension'

Drum-N-Bass, Dubstep, Electronic/EDM, TrapTricker

Bass music heavy hitters NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis finished off 2017 with the release of their massive party shaking collab 'Another Dimension' on Mad Decent. They kicked off the new year by dropping a psychedelic animated music video to go along with this hybrid drum n bass influenced banger, and it is just as insane as you might imagine. They travel through the cartoon multiverse on a twisted, tripped out adventure full of various wonders and dangers. This visual is the perfect fit for the other-worldly sound design and energy of 'Another Dimension'. 

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HORIZEN shares awesome remix of Selena Gomez & Marshmello's 'Wolves'

Electronic/EDM, Cover/RemixGems Secrets

Selena Gomez & Marshmello's latest hit release 'Wolves' received a proper makeover from HORIZEN - taking the track to an exciting new future-bass/EDM direction. HORIZEN's production style is incredible and we were blown away by the style of the drop. HORIZEN keeps the best parts of the original while introducing a more personal approach. Everything from the drum-work, the leads, and the chopped vocal samples - this remix is as solid as it gets. If you enjoy HORIZEN's style stay connected with the artist online and don't forget to share the remix with your friends! Enjoy

Landis brings the heat with his first release of 2018

Electronic/EDM, HouseTricker

Miami producer Landis starts 2018 with a bang! This latest release off his hometown label, Fresh Squeeze, 'Let Go' is a modern blend of house styles with soulful and catchy vocals. Landis shows off his stellar production skill that have landed him prior releases on dance powerhouse labels like Mad Decent and Dim Mak. 'Let Go' captures an incredible energy, emotion, and overall vibe that makes you just want to release it all onto the dance floor. Landis certainly sets the tone for a massive year with 'Let Go'. 

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You have to see this music video from Jean Tonique for new song 'Feel Better Now'

Downtempo, Indie, Electro PopGems Secrets

Okay, seriously - this nex one is a little different than what we usually share on the site but it was too cool, we couldn't help it. The song starts off unique and features a vocoder vocal melody that's already super cool to listen along with. For the most part, everything tends to feel a little dreamy during the duration of the track, the drums are soft and the guitar and other instruments add a warm and cinematic vibe to the song that's incredible to listen to. The video grabbed our attention and it totally fits the mood of the track. We love the creative vision Jean Tonique is bringing to the table and we can't wait to hear more from the artist in 2018. 

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LO teams up with Elouiz to deliver exciting new single 'Last Call'

Electronic/EDM, Future PopGems Secrets

Still coming off hot with his latest collaboration album with singer NOVAA via Majestic Casual, LO teams up with Elouiz to deliver an exciting and energetic new single, 'Last Call'. The track features an uptempo drum section, giant horns, spacious melodic vocal samples, all tied together by a hard-hitting hook from Elouiz. The track is full of energy and it's definitely one of our favorites from the producer. We're hoping to hear even more releases like this in 2018 from the artist and we can't wait to share them with you. Don't forget to connect with LO to stay up to date on any future releases and enjoy! 

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You're going to fall in love with Brie Angellina's new song 'That Bad' (feat. Jallal)

Hip Hop/R&BGems Secrets

There are so many good things to say when it comes to Brie Angellina's new song 'That Bad'. For starters, we love Brie's voice and her style. It feels raw and not only is it catchy, but Brie's lyrical style is phenomenal and it shows in all of her verses. The production is top notch and proves that Brie takes her work very seriously. In collaboration with Los Angeles rapper Jallal - who totally killed his part - we're excited to hear more from the two artists in 2018. Seriously though, don't sleep on this, Brie is next up, no questions. 

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This new joint from Part Time Cooks is dope 🔥

Hip Hop/R&BGems Secrets

This new release from Part Time Cooks is straight fire. If you're a fan of chill or laid-back type hip-hop beats you're going to love this. 'Dope Dealer' delivers a diverse style and lyrically powerful verse from different rappers in the group. The trip has an upcoming EP, 'Sacrifices' that's coming out this year and we're excited to hear it. This is good stuff, from the mix to the lyrical message and catchy hook, 'Dope Dealer' is definitely worth checking out. Don't sleep on this group, with material like this we can foresee some incredible things from their upcoming project. Enjoy!