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Truth Talks #001 — Let Me Be Frank

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This is a segment we are calling "truth talks." This is intended to inspire, motivate and push you as an artist, entrepreneur, human being, whatever it is that you for a living and everything else in between. Now, with that being said, it's obvious that I am not in the room, looking you in the eye and dishing out some shit that may be hard for you to swallow. And with that being said, I urge you to do the following: think of your dream mentor/hero and imagine that they are in the room with you. Imagine that they are telling you what you need to hear (of course thinking that what we share with you in this segment is what you need to hear) and that it motivates you.

So, let us start with a reminder. A reminder which I actually have to alert me twice a day on my iPhone: are you being active or are you being productive? There's a huge difference and we sometimes get too caught up in what we do to know the difference. Are you staying busy for the sake of staying busy, or is what you're doing ultimately helping you achieve your goal; your desired destination,

Are you being active or are you being productive?