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Le Boeuf - So Much Love (Ft. Exenia) [House]

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"On a summer trip to Boston in 2016, Exenia was competing in a West Coast Swing dance competition, the DJ played some Le Boeuf tracks and she was hooked. “I went, ‘Who is this guy? Oh my god, I must work with him,’” she says. She found him online and they connected via social media. “We started sending tracks back and forth, Copenhagen to NYC.” One night, she started writing a song at 3am - it was about falling in love with someone who wasn’t ready to handle it. “Sometimes the person you want is not on the same page as you. This song is about being willing to wait, or hoping they’ll wake up to what’s happening, be receptive and see how you feel.” She sent him an iPhone voice memo of her singing a melody with lyrics and snapping her fingers along. He sent back a completely finished track. She got the message while sitting on the subway. “I heard it on the train, I almost started crying! I was so excited, I loved what he did with my song.” And perhaps most importantly, it is “West Coast-able.” Exenia is passionate about a contemporary partner dance known as West Coast Swing, which she teaches in NYC. A significant part of this artist’s life is traveling to various dance events in the US and world. As a result of her dance training, she strives to make music that is danceable, lyrical, and fun. “LB and I are a great fit. His tracks make me want to dance. I can’t wait for us to release more music together!”