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Azad - Bonkaz - On The Road Freestyle [Hip Hop]

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i was making p's off your favorite brands
when i was nineteen, scheming young boy w pipe dreams
and bitches on my dick cause my pipe mean, i might seem
a lil low key cause i be

moving through the game on my silent shit, swiftly
dodging politics like obama clique, miss me
with all the dumb talk, shit that's on moms
these kids watch my every move, i'm the young walt disney

when i was broke, shit i still had the finest bitches
i got two starting line ups, sittin'
on the bench, i been bucking since i was getting line ups pimpin
now my hair and my money grown out

eating so good, man my tummy grown out
Young Z finally dealing with adulthood now
Yeah, the well was getting dry but it's all good now
My life turned around, now i'ma burn em down

yeah, sold everything from pot to them fake IDs
always down to split the pie, gotta pay my team
shout my gs in london, hope a brother don't try me
my face gon look good on the cover of i-D

real hustler, i'll never wife a skeeter
real hustler, i'll double up my money
no matter the customer, that shit has always been easy
i ain't never been sleezy, i just grind while they sleepin

look, check the facts, bro i can sell cheetos to that cheetah
i ain't stopping til i'm caesar, anyone can get the ether
anyone can get a piece of my mind with no piece in my hand, hold up

i'm from the westside of the westside
where the hoes look straight out of a SI
summer issue, and my boys always smoking la la
and my grandma pray to allah, every time i'm on the road...

Every time i'm on the road
They were never on the road
I remember all the times, we would grind
And they would never wanna roll