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MYAMI, NORTH ELEMENTS, WAYFARER, and JESS FAIRLIE Announce live show at The Toff in Town, May 18 [Melbourne, Australia]

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There's a few diamonds in the rough that we've managed to collect for you – one led to another.

First, we found a song called "Coastline" by North Elements that you've got to hear.

ps – we've got more good news. North Elements has announced a live show. May 18th, the group will be supporting Wayfarer, Jess Fairlie & MYAMI in Melbourne @ The Toff In Town . We don't know much about the acts on the bill, but we're assuming that they're a musical family. North Elements and Wayfarer just released a record called Break featuring an artist named Denitia.

Tickets for the live show can be purchased at

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