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Margot Polo is taking the world by storm

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California-based indie pop act Margot Polo is the solo project of David Provenzano, singer/guitarist of Fialta and Sherwood. The concept was birthed in 2016 while Provenzano was promoting Fialta’s second full-length album, Shadow of a Drought, and playing drums for Sherwood’s reunion tour. Provenzano’s knack for writing infectious pop hooks was revealed on Fialta’s last two albums, with songs written or co-written by Provenzano seeing substantial radio and TV play and Shadow of a Drought reaching number ten on the Billboard Heatseeker’s chart. As a solo artist and producer, Provenzano leans even further into the world of the electronic power anthem, turning to 90s and early-2000s pop and R&B for inspiration while ditching any hint of the philosophical in favor of beach-friendly, tongue-in-cheek lyrics about West Coast living. On June 9th, Margot Polo put out his first single in a series of songs to be released throughout the summer. Enjoy "Sing Hallelujah"

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