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Tyler Sellers x Smooth BLAQ share new song "Slave For Your Love"

Hip Hop/R&B, SoulGems Secrets

Slave For Your Love transcends the R&B genre by mixing singer-songwriter depth with chill R&B vibes.

Slave For Your Love is an intriguing piece of music created by Conway, Arkansas's own Tyler Sellers and obscure mystery producer, Smooth BLAQ. Tyler's silky voice mixed with the elusive production of Smooth BLAQ creates a unique blend of smooth, lush, dreamy rhythms that will shoot down your spine.

“SLAVE FOR YOUR LOVE” is featured on the highly-anticipated Netflix Original Movie, “#RealityHigh.” The song's chill vibes vibe, and Sellers' lush layered sexy vocals along with his heartfelt lyrics serves as the secret sauce in the next iteration of the mysterious Smooth Blaq project.

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Smooth BLAQ started out as a secret project by an establish producer/ composer of many blockbuster movies. who'd like to remain mysterious and simply go by "Smooth BLAQ".  This mysterious moniker quickly evolved into a collective of creators ranging from filmmakers to visual artists.

Tyler Sellers, hail from Conway, Arkansas, is somewhat of an enigma. Teen outlets including Tiger Beat have labeled Tyler as “your new music obsession.” At just 16 years old he is redefining the R&B genre by adding singer/ songwriter sensibilities. Couple that with his collaboration with the producer, Smooth BLAQ, his first release, Slave For Your Love will take you to new heights and leave you wanting more.

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