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Watch Max Frost's music video for "High All Day" here

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Not sure what it is about Max Frost but he always brings these relaxed and catchy tunes that we can't get enough of. And today, Max released his new music video for “High All Day.” and it blew us out of the water. Who doesn't love music that you can or in one way or another relate to. Its pure and its fun - just how music should be. Check it out and let us know what you think. 

“High All Day” is co-written with Michael “Fitz” Fitzpatrick (Fitz and The Tantrums). Max released the track to just in time to kick off his headline tour 'The A.D.D. Tour' which kicked off September 25th in Phoenix, AZ and will continues through November. I posted the flyer to see where he's playing next. He just might be in your city! Enjoy!


Check out this crazy awesome music video from Dankjewels

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Dankjewel, the Reno, Nevada, based indie pop group is made up of David Alastair on vocals, guitar and synth; Danny Lennon on guitar and vocals; Aaron Chiazza sits in the pocket; Alex Korostinsky on bass and synth; Paul Curatolo on vocals and multi-instruments; and Zach Donley on guitar and synth. Yeah its a big group and they were flawlessly together. This is some of the best sounding music we've heard today. We bands creative flavor matches the creative vision the music video takes and I think thats what makes this production so fascinating. You're in for something really special here. 

You're gonna love this new release from July 7 [R&B/Hip Hop]

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Oh boy we do we have something special for you today. July 7 has been producing for some of hip-hop’s most notable names, ranging from Travis Scott to T.I. to Young Thug. Now, the singer and multi-instrumentalist from Manchester, UK steps further into the spotlight with his new single and announcement of his forthcoming EP. Pretty cool right? “Boy” is a refreshing, open invitation, to “come and hang”. The dynamic track takes the spirit of bossa nova and combines it with traditional hip-hop production to give listeners a lively Latin vibe, as July 7 asks “What’s it gonna be?” There's no question here, July 7 has the creative and production skills to deliver such hits like this and we can foresee major success with the producers style. We can only hope the producers style will inspire others to push their sound and craft. Save the date - his debut EP “Sweets” will be available on November 17th

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This new release from Shane Euston is pretty sick

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Toxic Love, the name of Shane Euston's latest creation. Giving feelings of dark and moody pop - this forward thinking production caught our attention earlier this week and we haven't stopped thinking about it. Its a really cool song. Not only is it unique and mysterious, but its different and refreshing. We can definitely appreciate Shane's style and we look forward to hearing more from the artist. What do you think of Shane's style? Are you a fan? 

Watch MRCH's new visual for "My Mistake"

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After getting their start in 2015, electronic duo MRCH have created a high trajectory for themselves. Their distinct brand of dark dream-pop earned them “Band of the Week” in The Guardian and has had their music featured in SHOWTIME's 'Shameless', ABCS's 'Guilt', and The CW's 'The Vampire Diaries. This band has opened up for CVRCHES and have toured all over the country....

And today, we're excited to share with you their new visual for their song 'My Mistake'. The bands visuals match the music and their creative vision perfectly. If you're a fan of dark and spacey pop - you're in luck for a real treat. Their debut full-length album Reactions is out now! Connect with the artists to stay up to date on future releases and enjoy! 

This 16 year old pop star is headed straight to the top

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Well for starters we were blown away when we realized the young pop star is only 16 years old. The vocal melody, the production, the video, all in the highest quality and taste. With material like this I think its safe to say we can expect some massive success from the pop star. Kylie Spence knows what she wants and she's going for it. Good music is good music and for Kylie Spence, its second nature. And the best part is, she's only getting started. Check out the video and connect with her fan pages online. Let us know what you think in the comments, is the industry ready for her? They better be. 

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Listen to this S'natra x BXRBER x Brasstracks collab 'Lie For U'

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S'natra teams up with Brasstracks and BXRBER to bring you this insane collab 'Lie For U'; - We were blown away when we first heard it. Utilizing the signature sound of New York production duo Brasstracks and Londan based singer BXRBER - this R&B / Hip Hop gem has landed something really special with us and we knew we had to share it with you. Fans from all over the world are digging the sound these artists are bringing and it comes as no surprise to us. Check out their work and let us know what you think. Are you a fan yet?

Listen to ROZES new track "Famous" here [Future Pop/House]

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The Philly based up and coming pop star is back again with another pop anthem. Taking slight influence from the realms of tropical house, this power anthem of a song is next level. With ROZES infectious melodies and top notch production - making "Famous" a song for everybody. You can't listen to this record just once. We've said it before and we'll say it again, with material like this, ROZES has nowhere to go but to the top. Give her a follow and repost and connect with her online to stay up to date on any future updates or releases! Enjoy 

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This remix of inverness's 'Working On You' from sYcko is out of this world [Electronic/Future Pop]

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First things first, if you're looking for quality music there's not question that BonFire Records curates the magic. Today is no different, in fact, we didn't think it was possible but BonFire continues to raise the bar. And with the help of such talent like sYcko, all of this is possible. This remix of inverness's 'Working On You' is insane. The remix features giant wavy synths, twisted vocals, and is packed with energy and excitement. If there's anyone we can trust to deliver a proper remix, we have sYcko bringing their A-Game, every-time. Connect with the talented producer below and check out some of their other work. Enjoy!

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Trouze shares a new power anthem "Like You" [Pop/House]

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When it comes to brands and artists that you should trust - Trouze is on the list of talented producers that consistently bring quality jams and music to your ears. Trouze has mastered a formula thats possible of cranking out classic power anthems left and right and today is no different. "Like You" I went ahead and gave you a little more info on the trio and what some of the groups background consists of, including American Idol finalist, Jovany. So while this group has all of the creative power and talent necessary, its up to you to give them a follow and to show your support. 

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Trouze is an LA/Singapore electronic trio who effortlessly combines powerful live vocals and production across a range of electronic music genres. They are Tat (Trouze's instrumentalist + chart-topping producer), Declan (Trouze's DJ-producer + award winning entrepreneur) and Jovany (Trouze's singer-songwriter + American Idol finalist). As songwriters and producers, the members of Trouze have amassed 21 #1 hits, 60+ Top 20 hits in 55 countries, working with the likes of Magic!, Santana, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Project 46, BT, Paul Oakenfold, Troye Sivan, Jeremih, Jason Derulo, and more.