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Lulleaux releases a beautiful acoustic version of 'Contact'

Electro Pop, Indie/Acoustic, PopTricker

Dutch producer Lulleaux delivers a gem in the form of an acoustic version of his hit single 'Contact'. The acoustic guitar performance, played by Arie Storm of Anouk, strips the song down to its bare bones, leaving just the uplifting vocal melodies and soft chords of the original. This new version brings a more laid-back vibe to the popular future pop original and makes it hard to believe that it was made to be an electronic tune. Whenever an artist releases an acoustic version like this it helps to solidify the quality of songwriting that happens within electronic music without relying on production skill alone. 

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Embee remixes NONONO's 'Lost Song'

Cover/Remix, Electronic/EDMGems Secrets

'Lost Song' climbed the Hype Machine charts and landed NONONO the #1 spot. Now, the Swedish alternative pop band is releasing the Embee remix. Embee is a producer, composer, DJ, and beatmaker from Västerås, Sweden. He has produced, collaborated and written songs for a long list of artists including Seinabo Sey, Mapei, Budo (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) and Capleton.

The style of the track takes the original into an interesting new direction. For fans of future R&B, future pop, or future bass elements, Embee's remix of 'Lost Song' will capture your heart and win you over. Embee's style is crisp, it's sharp, and for the most part, it takes the beautify of simplicity to the next level. We love the remix and we know you will too! Don't forget to connect with the artists to stay up to date on any future releases and enjoy! 

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New Bret James, 'Thank You', will get you in the right mood 🔥

Hip Hop/R&B, SoulGems Secrets

Bret James style is something that really stands out to us. Bret's energy is original and raw and upon hearing it for the first time we were blown away. 'Thank You' is the artist's latest single and gives off smooth vibes of R&B, soul, and a light splash of hip-hop. The drums are bouncy and the chords are vibrant and full of life. Bret James 'Thank You' will reel you in and leave you wanting more.

Bret has a few songs you can check out on his Soundcloud, including an exciting collaboration with super producer NGHTMRE. Don't sleep on Bret's talent, with material like this, the future is bright for the up and coming artist. Don't forget to connect with Bret James online to stay up to date on any future releases and enjoy!

"The track is inspired by an innocent-looking girl with an unknown wild side." - Bret James

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Dan Miz shines in his second release ✨

Electro Pop, Indie Pop, PopTricker

Singer/songwriter from New York, Dan Miz, returns to Gems and Secrets with a four track EP 'Drive', highlighted by the stellar lead single 'Pulling Me'. A dreamy and catchy future pop record produced by Ryan Stockbridge, 'Pulling Me' gives the spotlight to the up-and-comer to show off his unique vocal flair with complete control. Lyrically, Miz has a knack for writing personal music while still making it relatable; the type of skill set that makes for great pop artists. We've only just begun to hear what Dan Miz can do but we certainly love what we're hearing so far. 'Drive' is full different vibes as well so be sure to check out the whole project! 

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VIRTU shares beautiful new single 'Let You Go'

Electronic/EDMGems Secrets

Today we have an exciting new release from VIRTU. The Los Angeles based electronic producer landed on our radar recently with the release of their new single 'Let You Go'. For fans of future bass and future pop - 'Let You Go' is perfect for you. VIRTU's style is exciting and refreshing. The song features some exciting vocal work and the drop is vibrant with imagination. It's a really solid piece of work from start to finish and we can't wait for you to hear it. Check it out for yourself and if you like it, share it with your friends! Don't forget to connect with VIRTU online to stay up to date on any future releases, enjoy! 

“Over the past 6 years, I’ve dealt with a lot of loss and change in my life. My mother passed away from cancer in 2011 and it turned my life upside down. I went through a whirlwind of intense emotions and fell into addiction, depression, toxic relationships, and everything in-between. Even though I was making music and living everyday life, I was hiding something inside that I just couldn’t let go of." - VIRTU

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This is the best kind of 'Poison'

Downtempo, Electronic/EDM, HouseTricker

Today, Berlin electronic music producer GRÜN GLAS releases a new single as part of a two song  EP 'Poison'. This funky fusion of glitchy house beats is something new from the producer but still holds onto the high level of musicality we've become used to hearing from him. GRÜN GLAS chops and screws various samples over driving kicks and basslines bringing together a danceable track that is funky, groovy, and infectious. Be sure to check out the other track in the release 'Polyester' for some more laid-back smooth grooves.  

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This starRo and AmPm collab is groovetastic 👌🏻

Electro Pop, Future Bass, House, Indie PopTricker

Grammy-nominated Japanese producer starRo and AmPm have put their heads together to bring us a super groovy future pop record 'Maybe'. Pulling influence from deep house and pop, this song features soulful vocals from Friday Night Plans. In a dynamic electronic arrangement, the producers create a deep groove pocket with their swung percussion and chord sounds. There is a feeling of nostalgia in the synth sounds they work into the music giving this song a slight retro vibe with an undeniably modern feel.  

Stella Smyth captivates with her stellar vocals

Electro Pop, Future Bass, Indie Pop, PopTricker

This latest single from 16-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Stella Smyth is nothing short of breathtaking. A transfixing arrangement of future pop brought to life with the help of co-producer Matthew Engst, 'my mind is all yours' is a cascading soundscape of chords and dreamy synths. Stella's vocals are captivating from the first wistful note. She has a dark angelic quality to her breathy yet powerful sound and accentuates it with crisp, skillful engineering. Her lyrics and writing reflect an artistic maturity well beyond that of your typical teenager. She really is a one-of-a-kind talent and we'll be on the edge of our seats waiting to hear what she does next. 

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Sol solidifies his 'Legacy'

Hip Hop/R&B, SoulTricker

Seattle rapper Sol brings his story to life, with his soulful hip-hop gem 'Legacy'. This personal record, released on Sol's birthday as his gift to you, is as inspiring as it is catchy. A classy boom-bap beat with the flair of horns, organ, guitar and several vocal stylings this track is undeniably infectious.  Sol paints a vivid nostalgic picture of his early days with music and the way it has sculped him as person and artist. This record just feels so authentic and refreshing. You won't regret hitting that play button.

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Vancsme is breathing life back into trap

Hip Hop/R&B, TrapTricker

The trap realm of hip-hop has exploded in the last few years and continues to be bombarded by new artists trying to get in a piece of the action, many of them just pumping out generic banger after banger. Philly's own Vancsme is breaking the mold with a style that brings a new level of musicality to the entire genre. He's not new to the game, having engineered for artists like Meek Mill and Dream Chasers, his experience clearly shows in the stylized delivery of his lyrics. Unlocking melodies within his flow and oozing with style, Vancsme plays with the beat like a true veteran. His engineering prowess is evident as well as the record is about as thunderously clean as we've  heard. Go bump this one and make sure you've got those subs hooked up 🔥

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