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Jumpstart your weekend with the latest feel-good anthem from KLAVE

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Swedish producer KLAVE has built a reputation in the EDM community for cranking out refreshing new tracks, and it has only been reinforced with his latest release. 'Give Me Love', out now on Disco:wax records, is a unique fusion of dancehall and pop that mesh perfectly for a highly danceable vibe. It's the perfect theme song to accompany the warm summer nights ahead. In KLAVE's words, ‘I loved working on this track. I had to expand my visions of dance music and it challenged me into creating something different from what I usually do'. Stay current with everything KLAVE has to offer by shooting him a follow on his socials!


We can't listening to this new record from rn, 'Hard Hearts'

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If you're into that electronic, electro-pop sound this next one is right up your alley. 'Hard Hearts' is a fun new record from 18-year-old rn (Ryan Noble). The melody and production are minimalistic sounding but the melodies are really catchy. The real magic lies within the lyrics and the vocal delivery though from none other than Ryan himself. Topped with vocal chops and a punchy drum beat, 'Hard Hearts' is a delicious tune for relaxing and singing along too. We're hoping to hear even more original music from rn this year and if you like the song, be sure to share it with your friends and show your support by connecting with the young artist online. 

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Louis The Child explores a new sound with Chicago rapper Joey Purp

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Louis The Child explores a new sound with Chicago rapper Joey Purp and we really dig it. It's definitely a slow burner and a nice change from the sound Louis The Child has pushed out over the last year. But nonetheless, it's a really exciting switch up and we're hoping it opens doors for further releases with other rap and hip-hop artists. Let us know what you think of the new collab in the comment section down below. If you dig the new record, share it with your friends and show your support by connecting with the artists online. Enjoy!

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New Danny Avila & The Vamps - Too Good To Be True (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)

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Spanish DJ/producer Danny Avila gearing up for his biggest year yet. Placed at #52 in the Top 100 DJ's list of 2017 (DJ Mag's highest re-entry of the year), Avila has a number of huge tracks set for release this year with support from B1 Recordings, Ultra Music, and Sony Music Spain. The new record is a blend of Danny’s infectiously catchy and upbeat production mixed with The Vamps catchy vocal style making 'Too Good To Be True' the ultimate dance track for any occasion. The new record features Machine Gun Kelly who brings a lyrically diverse element to the track that helps anyone escape from reality for a few short moments. 

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New Robotaki 'Butterscotch' (feat. Jamie Fine x falcxne) is a real gem

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We're super excited about this next release from Robotaki. 'Butterscotch', produced by Robotaki himself, the new record features the incredible Jamie Fine and Falcxne and takes a fresh new step for the producer. Exploring the realms of soulful production, funky guitars, and chilling vocal toplines, 'Butterscotch' is the perfect record to start your day. This new single is guaranteed to brighten up your day, it's the cure for any rainy day or a bad mood. It's a gem inside and out.

"Butterscotch is a song I’ve always wanted to make about that electric feel you get when you’ve just met someone you’re really into. The past tells you that this has happened before and that you probably shouldn’t think too much on it, but something inside keeps nagging you to give it another shot. Attraction can feel like love but you know they’re not the same - at least not yet.

Maybe you feel crazy too?"

- Robotaki (aka Preston)

Check it out for yourself and if you dig the new direction Robotaki is headed share the song with your friends and kick back and vibe out. Enjoy!

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Check out this crazy BLVTH x TAIIME collab 'Tokyo Run'

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If you're looking for something different and unique, you need to check out this BLVTH x TAIIME collab. 'Tokyo Run' is a fresh new release that tackles a completely fresh sound that we can't seem to put a finger on. It's like a cross blend of hip-hop meets electronic meets.... jersey? Honestly, it doesn't matter much, the creativity this record explores is so interesting and raw that we knew we had to share it with you when we heard it. Give it a chance and let us know your thoughts. There's a really dope music video that goes with it that further solidifies the creative vision these artists are bringing to the table. When we say you're in for a real treat, we meant it! Enjoy!

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Let's keep this new record from BLESSED on repeat this weekend

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BLESSED released their new song earlier this week and we've been obsessed with it ever since. If you're looking for something fresh, upbeat, and incredibly catchy, BLESSED hits all of these points with flawless precision. It's a big deal when an artist comes up on the scene with material that stands out on its own. The quality of BLESSED's music blows our mind and if you haven't checked out their work yet, you're sleeping. If you like 'Superfly', share it with your friends and spread the word. Your friends will thank you, trust us. Don't forget to subscribe to BLESSED online so you don't miss a release or update. Enjoy!

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You're going to love this new single from NOTD & Bea Miller 'I Wanna Know'

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It's Friday and we're all about spreading the good vibes to kick off your weekend. Luckily we have this really awesome release from NOTD & Bea Miller to jumpstart the day. Their new single, 'I Wanna Know' is a brilliant electronic/pop gem with an infectiously catchy vocal topline from Bea Miller herself. The production (NOTD) fluctuates in energy, taking the listener on a journey across different soundscapes and moods throughout the track. The track is high-energy and it's incredibly easy to dance and sing along to. Add it to your workout playlist, share the song with your friends, turn up the volume and forget about your worries for a moment - you won't regret it! 

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