Ready for Coachella? Here's some tips

Ready for Coachella? Here's some tips

  • Know what you can bring (and what you can't)

Don't be someone that has to throw away all of their stuff before you can enter the festival! You can get all of your answers to what you can and can't bring right here on Coachella's website

  • Fuel up on food and drink water

 It gets intense! Don't forget to refuel, you'll burn out fast if you're not mindful

  • Know where you're going

Whether you download a map on your phone or keep a map handy on you, there's lots to explore! Until you get familiar with the festival ground, you wanna know where to go and where to be at all times. It's always a good idea to have a safe meeting spot in case you and your friends get lost or split apart

  • Wear your sunscreen

Ouch.. this is a no brainer! 

  • Bring a charger or mobile battery

ou have to admit, we miss having our old flip phones that carried a battery life up to 8 years. Bring an extra charger with you so you can spend less time charging your phone, and more time enjoying the festival experience

  • Dress for the weather

ou can still look good and feel comfortable! Don't be an ass, It can get hot during the day (90 degrees). Be mindful of others, your fit doesn't need to cover everyones view behind you or serve as a weapon when you're dancing in close quarters - seriously

  • Pace yourself out there

Wear yourself out quick and you'll spend more time chilling in the shade than dancing. Luckily Coachella spends a lot of time setting up art installations and interactive tents to chill and explore

  • Take advantage of lockers

Trust, it feels great being able to roam freely around the festival. "Light and free, light and free" I mean really, there's no reason to carry a bunch extra baggage around if you don't need to

  • Have fun out there!

Hang your problems at the door, you're at Coachella!



Frank Ocean x Tyler, The Creator x Jay Z

Frank Ocean x Tyler, The Creator x Jay Z