An interview with Growing Younger. Catch their live show this Friday in Nashville.

An interview with Growing Younger. Catch their live show this Friday in Nashville.


We sat down and interviewed Growing Younger, a rising duo based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Their sound could be described as experimental; it’s creative, it’s unique, and it features a variety of vocal samples and gritty drum beats. They’re debuting their first live show this Friday, March 8th at Boulevard Record Shop in Nashville, Tennessee.

Be sure to arrive early to enjoy the fun!

How much: $5 at the door

What time: 7:30pm-8:00pm


Where does the name 'Growing Younger' stem from?

The name “Growing Younger” came from the bridge of a song I wrote called “Wounded Youth.”

What does your creative process look like?

It usually starts with an idea. Often times, I’ll know the name of the song before it’s written. Jake and I rarely sit down to ‘write a new song.’ It’s almost always premeditated. One of us comes to the other with an idea and we sit down for “Session 1.” That first session is typically dedicated to tracking the initial idea and flushing out the arrangement of the song. After that 1st session, Jake and I bump the instrumental in our earbuds and finish writing our verses on our own. Session 2 is typically dedicated to embellishing upon the core elements of production and building upon the initial idea. The creative process can be very abstract in sessions 1 & 2, but generally speaking, the song starts to take shape, and the sessions become more tedious from that point forward. We almost always keep our verses exactly as they are, lyrically speaking. I trust Jake and he trusts me. Next, we track vocals once our verses are fully written. There’s a few rounds of notes that go back and forth on the mix. I tweak various aspects of production. Then things get reaaaallly tedious around session 8 or 10. After we’ve mixed the instrumental and the vocals are in a good place, I flatten the tracks and we do a final vocal session. I’m really JUST now beginning to realize how important it is to print stems. I used to track final vocals in the same session that we’ve produced the track in, but I’ve found that we’re able to make bigger moves on the song if we commit to moving forward. Anyway, all in all, the creative process is complex & tedious in many ways, but very abstract & enjoyable in other ways. It’s hard work. Some of these songs go through 15 to 20 different mixes before we’re happy with them.

Who/what inspires the music you're making?

The human psyche is a major source of inspiration. Jake and I are into psychology & philosophy. We’re using the music as a tool for exploring the deeper aspects of our own minds and the minds of others. Tragedy is a big source of inspiration as well. Struggle. Some of our greatest songs come from a place of pain. Honestly, everything and everyone inspires and informs the music. It’s the type of thing where I’ll be driving on the side of the road and see someone walking with a paper bag and a bottle of liquor and then a new lyric is born. The inspiration is in the air, and we’re always open to receiving it.

Where do you see this project in 5 years?

Jake and I see this project becoming bigger than ourselves. What we love most about Growing Younger is that it is more than a band, it is a lifestyle. G¥ is a path towards connection, a journey through addressing & expressing the tragedy & triumph that we all experience throughout the phases of our journey. We hope to use this project to create a culture focused on healing through creative expression, to facilitate an increase in human exploration, both intrinsically, and expressively, to help reduce suffering in the world through the power of music, art, & story, to create a platform that allows us to raise awareness and induce productive conversation on various social, political and humanitarian challenges. I mean to be quite frank, we’re looking to find our people, and fuck the game up. Currently, Jake & I are the fuckin’ weird kids. You know? People look at us like, “What the fuck is up with those guys?” It’s because we’re being ourselves. So in 5 years, jeez man, I don’t know. Coachella?

Who's an artist you see yourself collaborating with within the next 2 years?

To be totally honest, we won’t be collaborating with many artists in the next two years. Jake and I are sitting on about 20 unreleased songs that we’re pushing towards full development. We’re hoping to release them

Paint, paint, and more paint... what's the purpose behind this?

The paint is a metaphor for emotion. Don’t keep it bottled up.

How did Growing Younger form?

Blake & Jake, creators of Growing ¥ounger, crossed paths for the first time at Green Hills Mall in 2014. Jake had just moved to Music City from Detroit and was selling his merch at a kiosk when Blake caught a vibe for his style. “There was something different about Jake –– I mean, just look at the guy. He’s a straight up misfit,” says Blake.

What makes Growing Younger different?

We’ve always been different. We were the kids that didn’t fit in. Popular kids were fuckin’ assholes to me growing up. Jake and I bring that crazy youthful spirit to the G¥ project. We’re not your average band. The music isn’t normal. The show isn’t normal. We are not fucking normal. We’re here to tell the tale, all those years. We’re using the music as a tool for healing, growing through what we call the “Phases Of Our Journey.” We’re creating an entire universe with this project. It’s like a manifesto. Every detail matters. There’s always an omen or a clue.

We’re leaving clues for the kids to find.

The kids that are just like us.

It’s almost like we never grew up.

But a part of us is being forced to face the real world.

That’s what this project is all about for me.

My goal is not to return to childhood. It’s to champion the innately positive qualities within the child, to rehabilitate these qualities within my grown self. Our message is about finding the genius within, before it’s crushed by the judgment of society. We want to get people back in touch with that part of themselves, the magic, the genius.

What are some of the problems you recognize in the music industry?

This is a great question. One problem I see is that it feels way too hard to get payed. I don’t know, man. I hear that the money is in the touring. Getting out on the road and actually connecting with people. And I get that. Jake and I are really excited to tour when the time is right. But what problems do I recognize in the industry? Hmmm, it feels cliquey. I don’t know. It kinda feels like high school in a sense. But maybe I’m bringing that bull shit baggage with me. Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong. It makes me want to stay home and create by myself. I’m discouraged from engaging with the industry for some reason. G¥ is my escape from reality.

I’m just happy to be a part of it though. I’m starting to feel more open to contributing to the evolution of the industry. I think radio is tending to become less relevant with streaming platforms, but radio still influences the big charts, so idk. I try not to think about it too much. I’m trying to just stay focused on our plan, to do what we do best: creating, & entertaining.

What should people expect at a live performance? And what do you hope they take away from it?

People can expect to be shocked. In many ways, I think Jake and I are doing things that will make people uncomfortable. There’s 2 of us. Blake & Jake. We’re singing, rapping, splatting. It’ll definitely be different. Be ready to bounce though. That’s for-sure. We’re gonna get the place bumping.

Should we expect an album or EP soon?

We’re dropping two singles this month (march) called “Allstar Misfits” and “Ball Game.”

Hopefully our first EP will be coming early 2020.

What/Who are some labels/curators you'd love to work with?

We would love to partner with Fueled By Ramen when the time is right. They’ve put on some of our favorite acts: Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, Grandson, etc. We’re considering meeting with Thirty Tigers in Nashville. We’re super down to work with people but at this point, we’re kinda cooped up in our bedrooms, working on the music independently.

List a few of your favorite songs right now:

Blood // Water by grandson


Growing ¥ounger: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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